Electroheat processes

The research and development activity focuses mainly on induction heating, their numerical simulations, the development of equipment for induction melting processes (of metals and metal oxides), and technological heating, especially for induction surface hardening processes, on technological designs of processes, and the implementation of experiments.

Within university workplaces, the unique cold crucible laboratory for the melting of metal oxides (ISM – Induction skull melting) is a part of the electric heat laboratories. This laboratory is used in projects aimed at studying the behavior of molten materials produced during the melting of the core of a nuclear reactor (the so-called corium), which are solved in cooperation with the Centrum výzkumu Řež (Institute of nuclear research).


Areas of research and development activity in the field of electroheat processes:

  • Induction heating - implementation and design of experiments
  • Melting
    • Induction skull melting (ISM) of metal oxides


    • Induction heating for technological purposes
      • Induction annealing
      • Induction surface hardening (ISH)


  • Numerical simulations of induction heating


  • Development of machines and components mainly for ISH processes
    • Recognition of the load temperature systems by the frequency converter without its direct measurement
    • 3D printed spray quench devices
    • Machine control and data acquisition systems
    • Remote communication client for electroheat devices and systems
  • Building automatization (smart electro installations, heating, ventilation/recuperation, and integration of photo-voltaic power plant)