KEE titulka

Department of Power Engineering

The Department of Power Engineering (KEE) has a long tradition of educating specialists in the field of energy conversion, transmission, distribution, and use of electrical energy, electrical equipment, high voltage technology, and EMC. Last but not least, the Department's activities are also focused on the environmental aspects of the energy industry, especially on the use of renewable energy sources and their integration into energy systems. The Department closely cooperates with significant companies in the power industry not only in the educating future energy experts but also in research and development.

Do you know that...?

  • in 2020, the Department celebrated its 60th birthday.
  • in 2008, we received the prestigious Energy Globe Award in the Youth category for the project of a mini-park of renewable energy sources.
  • within university workplaces, we have a unique laboratory of electrothermal technology with a cold crucible for melting metal oxides (induction skull melting).
  • we participate in the development of TEPLATOR, a small modular reactor for district heating with the possibility of using spent nuclear fuel.
  • we participated in the development of a robot for the diagnosis of overhead power lines.
  • we provide education in the field of electrical power engineering, which is one of the most popular fields at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.